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 Pega Clipboard tool


Pega automatic draft off mode for processes in case types

 What is the Draft mode for processes in Pega?

Draft mode provides an option to test the case type before you advance with your application development, even if processes in your case life cycle contain configuration issues.
When you add a process to your case life cycle, by default the process is in draft mode.
When a process is in draft mode, you can check its run-time behavior by running the processor previewing it in a user portal, even if the process contains errors. However, to ensure that the process works correctly after you deploy your application in a production environment, you need to turn off draft mode before moving relevant rulesets to the production environment.

draft mode off pega

Identify performance issues with queue processor and job scheduler activities in Pega

Identify performance issues with queue processor and job scheduler activities in Pega

We often see Queue processor activity or a Job scheduler activity runs longer than the threshold values which is directly impacting the performance of our applications, sometimes we don't know how to investigate those performance-related things.

Pega has come up with new alerts for Long-running queue processor and Job scheduler activities from Pega 8.5.

  • PEGA0117 alert: Long-running queue processor activity.
  • PEGA0118 alert: Long-running job scheduler activity.

Pega now saves these alerts in the performance alert log. We can easily analyze these alerts directly in the log and address potential performance issues with long-running processes.

dentify performance issues with queue processor and job scheduler activities

How to configure multi select in Pega ?

 What is Multi-select list control in Pega?

Multi-Select list control is added to user form so the users can select multiple values from the drop-down. These lists save time and ensure accuracy by supplying a list of valid values for an input field. 

Sources for a Multi-Select list control:

  • Data page.
  • Clipboard page.
  • Report definition.

How to configure multi-select in Pega?

Pega has provided OOTB control to configure the Multi-select list for a dropdown. pxMultiSelect is the OOTB control. 
We need to have a PageList or Page group property to have the values selected from the drop-down.
We need to provide the source to the Multi-select list control so that control will display the results in a drop-down where users can select one after another.

Queue Processor and Job Scheduler in Pega

What is Background processing in Pega?

Executing tasks in the background allows for improved scalability and performance. 
As we are famous on Agents for background processing to send emails, performing some tasks on the Work objects and queuing items, etc,

Pega has provided below two Rules to accommodate background processing instead of Agents, were previously required agents, such as service-level agreements, sending daily emails, or queuing items.
  1. Queue Processor 
  2. Job Scheduler
Queue Processor and Job Scheduler in Pega
These rules are in the SysAdmin category in Pega.

Rule resolution process in pega

What is the Rule resolution process in Pega?

Rule resolution is a search algorithm for the Pega process commander to find the most appropriate rule instance of a rule to execute in any situation. This is an internal background process of the Pega rules process commander.
Rule resolution process

What are the inputs for the Rule resolution process?

The process commander needs the below inputs to perform the rule resolution algorithm and to return the best match for the situation.

Ruleset stack in pega

What is the ruleset stack in Pega?

Ruleset list or stack is assembled by Pega when the user logs into the application and ruleset stack are used during the rule resolution process. Rule resolution will be looking into the ruleset stack in a specific order so the order is important. Top Ruleset takes the highest precedence.

How Pega will assemble the Ruleset stack?

Cascading approval process in Pega

What is the Cascading approval process in Pega?

Defining a series of approvals for a case during the case life cycle. If we want to obtain approvals from multiple people (ex: VP, Director, Manager), we can define the cascading approval process in Pega.

Cascading approval smart shape in Pega

We can implement a cascading approval process in two models:
  1. Reporting Structure
  2. Authority Matrix