Parameterized data page in pega

What is the parameterized data page in the pega?

As we know data pages provide data for a system to use on-demand. On the first reference of the data page, the system creates a data page instance and loads data in the clipboard.
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Passing parameters to the data page (Parameterized data page) to fetch quick and exact data that you need on the situation from the source.


Data pages in pega

What are data pages in pega

A data page loads data to the clipboard for the system to use. The system can access data from the data page on demand. On the first reference of a data page (in data transform, activity, etc), the Data page will be created in the clipboard and loads the data to use.
Structure of the data page:
We can create a data page with two types either a single page (holds a single object/page) or List (Page List - holds multiple objects/results/pages) type.
The first important thing on the data page is Mode(after loading a data page if the data is readable, editable, or savable) 
We can create a data page in three modes.
  1. Read Only (Node, Requestor, and Thread)
  2. Editable     (Requestor and Thread)
  3. Savable      (Requestor and Thread)

Scope of data page in pega


Pega pre and post processing in flow actions

What is flow action in pega?

A flow action is a rule, which controls the user interaction with a work object to complete an assignment. It is an instance of the Rule-Obj-FlowAction rule type.

Types of Flow actions in pega

Rule availability in pega

What is rule availability in pega

Rule availability in pega determines if the rule is accessible in a rule resolution algorithm and can we SaveAs, edit, and Open a rule in Dev Studio.

Rule resolution algorithm in pega

Difference between authentication and authorization in pega

Authentication and authorization in pega


Identity confirmation of the user and to verify if the user is allowed to access the application. Below three rules allow authentication of a user.

How to read excel file in pega

Parse excel in pega?

If we want to upload multiple operators and create operators/access groups and load data instances which are in the spreadsheet (excel sheet), we can do this in pega and pega can parse excel file. Uses OOTB (Out of the box) activity to parse it and give output as List results where we can loop through the results and perform our own logic.
Here, Just uploading an excel file and parsing it to create operators. Need a portal where we can upload an excel file that is there on the machine.

Relevant records in Pega

Relevant records in Pega

Marking a rule as the relevant record for re-usability by developers or automatically by Pega in developer studio to reduce the development time and to improve application quality. 
Relevant records is not a rule and is a concept in pega.

Data propagation in pega (Case Management)

What is data propagation in pega?

Propagating data (mapping some important/required properties) from parent case to child case and child case to parent case. It can save time, properties will be available to complete case type easily and fast.

Parent case to child case data propagation