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Clear messages in data transform ?

In Activity we can use Page-Clear-Messages method to clear all the messages from the step page.
But can we remove messages from the data transform ?
We can try use functions to clear messages from the primary page in data transform.
@pxClearMessages() - to clear messages from primary page.
@pxClearMessages( Page clipboardPage) - this is to clear messages from the specific page.
Generally these functions will be  using in error handling in data page response data transform.

 Set param.status equal to @pxClearMessages()
 Set     param.status equal to @pxClearMessages(tempPage)
Pega will return param value to "true" if it is successfully clears all messages.


  1. Can you please share a post on data transform in brief

  2. can we call activity in Data transform..?If yes please elaborate.