Clear messages in data transform ?

In Activity, we can use the Page-Clear-Messages method to clear all the messages from the step page.
But can we remove messages from the data transform?
We can try to use functions to clear messages from the primary page in data transform.
@pxClearMessages() - to clear messages from the primary page.
@pxClearMessages( Page clipboard page) - this is to clear messages from the specific page.
Generally, these functions will be used in error handling in the data page response data transform.

 Set param.status equal to @pxClearMessages()
 Set     param.status equal to @pxClearMessages(tempPage)
Pega will return param value to "true" if it is successfully clears all messages.


  1. Can you please share a post on data transform in brief

  2. can we call activity in Data transform..?If yes please elaborate.

  3. @pxExecuteAnActivity(Page Name,activity Name)