Pega - Clipboard Interview Q&A

What is a clipboard and how it is organized?

Each connected Process Commander Requestor has an associated temporary memory area on the server known as the clipboard. The clipboard has a hierarchical structure, consisting of nodes known as pages, most of which have a name and an associated class. Pages act as buffers or temporary copies of object instances (of that class) that are copied from, or may later be stored in, the PegaRULES database or another database.

 Explain about Delegating a rule?

A delegated rule is one that appears for a specific group of users so that they may manage these rules outside the development environment. Delegated rules appear on the My Rules gadget for a single user or for all the users who are associated with a specific access group.

An application user who has the PegaRULES: WorkMgr4 access role can update the leftmost tab of existing rules that may change frequently.

 Opening a delegated rule

To open a rule delegated to you:

From the WorkManager portal, open the Dashboard workspace, locate the My Business Rules area, and click the link that labels the delegated rule.

From the Developer portal, select View > My Rules > label.

 Delegating a rule

To mark a rule as delegated, click the Favorites toolbar button (), and complete the Delegated Rules dialog box.

 Withdrawing delegation

To cancel the delegation of a rule that is delegated to you:

Using the Developer portal, select Edit > My Rules. Complete the dialog box and click Submit.

Using the WorkManager portal, click the Edit button in the My Business Rules area of the Process Work workspace. Complete the dialog box and click Submit.


Delegation of a rule to a user does not eliminate the need for that user to hold an appropriate access role and privileges to check out the rule, modify the rule, and check it back in.


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