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Pega - DECISIONS Interview Q&A

Pega Decision rules:

Decision Rules categorized into:

  When condition rule

  Decision tree rule

  Decision table rule

  Map value rule

 Explain about WHEN condition rule?

This returns True or False as result.

Evaluates relationship among one or more property values and return true or false.

Based on simple if/then/else conditions.

 Explain about DecisionTree rule?

DecisionTree are instances of the Rule-Declare-DecisionTree rule type.

Decision tree accepts one input property value, but can evaluates numerous properties.

Best used for complex if/then/else statements.

DecisionTree can capture and present business logic in the form of one or more if/then/else conditions.

DecisionTree can be refer from three other rules

From decision shape of flow rule.

In an activity, we can evaluate the DecisionTree using Property-Map-DecisionTree.

DecisionTree can be referring from Rule-Declare-Expression.

 Explain about DecisionTable?

Decision table are instances of the Rule-Declare-DecisionTable rule type.

Decision table contain one or more rows each containing test conditions and a result to return.

Returns a value when all tests are true for a row.

If there is no result in a cell, it is true by default.

If no rows are true, it returns the otherwise row.

Decision tables can capture and present business logic in the form of one or more if… then… else conditions.

Decision table can be referred from three other rules:

From decision shape of floe rule.

In an activity, we can evaluate the decision table using Property-Map-DecisionTable

Decision Table can be referred from Rule-Declare-Expression

 Explain about Map Value Rule?

A map value rule is a rule that converts one or two input values, such as latitude and longitude numbers, into a calculated result value, such as a city name. The rule uses ranges for the input value or values and a matrix to look up the result.

Map value rules are instances of the Rule-Obj-MapValue rule type. This rule type is part of the Decision category.

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