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Pega Obj Methods

 Obj Methods:

At runtime, five methods (Obj-Browse, Obj-Filter, Obj-List, Obj-List-View, and RDB-List), list view rules, and summary view rules use a page of the class Code-Pega-List

Code-Pega-List class as a source of search criteria and to hold output. Typically, such pages are named Results, pyQueryResultPage, or pyViewLookupList. Search results (which support rows of report output) are stored as pages in the pxResults() property, a Page List.

Code-Pega-List is a concrete class; pages of this class exist only on the clipboard. They are never saved to the PegaRULES database.

 Explain about Obj-List Method?

Obj-List method used to retrieve data to the clipboard as an array of embedded pages.

This method creates one embedded page for each instance retrieved.

The Obj-List-View method often produce more efficient SQL statements and provide better performance than the Obj-List method.

 Explain about Obj-Browse method?

Obj-Browse method used to search instances of one class and copy the entire instances, or specified properties, to the clipboard as an array of embedded pages.

Only properties exposed as columns can be used as selection criteria. However, values of properties that are not exposed as columns, including embedded properties, can be returned.

 Explain about Obj-Open method?

Obj-Open method used to open an instance stored in the PegaRULES database or in an external database linked to an external class, and save it as a clipboard page.

The system uses the specified class and key fields to find and open the object and place its data into the specified step page. The system searches up the class hierarchy as appropriate to find the instance. If it finds the specified step page, the system clears any data that is on it and reuses the page. If no existing page has a name matching the specified step page, the system creates a new page.

 Explain about Obj-Open-By-Handle method?

Use the Obj-Open-By-Handle method only if we can determine the unique handle that permanently identifies which instance to open. Otherwise, use the Obj-Open method.

 Explain about Obj-Delete method?

Obj-Delete method used to delete a database instance corresponding to a clipboard page and optionally to delete the clipboard page too. We can cause the deletion to occur immediately, or until execution of a Commit method.

This method can operate on objects of both internal classes (corresponding to rows in a table in the PegaRULES database) and external classes (corresponding to rows in an external relational database).

The Obj-Delete method uses the class of the page to obtain the appropriate Rule-Obj-Class instance. It uses the table name, key fields, and other aspects of the class rule to mark the instance for deletion.

We can reverse or cancel a previously executed Obj-Delete method by using the Obj-Save-Cancel method.

 Explain about Obj-Save method?

Obj-Save method used to save a clipboard page to the PegaRULES database or if the page belongs to an external class save a clipboard page to an external database.

The Obj-Save method uses properties on the page to derive the internal key under which it will be saved.This method can create a new database instance or overwrite a previous instance with that key. We cannot save a page that locked by another requestor.

We cannot save a page that our session does not hold a lock on (if the page belongs to a lockable class),unless the object is new, never yet saved.

We cannot save pages of any class derived from the Code- base class or the Embed- base class. Such pagesexist only on the clipboard.

 Explain about Commit method?

Commit method is used to commit all uncommitted database changes. This method writes all the instances specified by one or more earlier Obj-Save methods to the PegaRULES database (for internal classes) and to external databases (for external classes).

 Explain about Obj-Validate method?

Obj-Validate method is used to apply a validate rule (Rule-Obj-Validate rule type) for the object identified on the primary page or step page.

A validate rule (Rule-Obj-Validate rule type) can call edit validate rules (Rule-Edit-Validate rule type).

 Explain about Obj-Sort method?

Obj-Sort method used to sort the clipboard pages that are the values of a property of mode Page List.

We can specify one or more properties to sort on, and whether the sort sequence is ascending or descending for each sort level.

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