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Pega - Post Upgrade fixing process

Upgrade Assessment:
1. Created sample SecurityIPapplication in v6.X
2. Created RAP and saved into localdrive
3. Imported RAP into v7.2.2
4. Changed built on Application from PEGARULES:06-02 to 07-10, saved the application.
5. Able to login to SecurityIPApplication.
6. Change RuleSet Pre-requisites whether any ruleset is having Pega-Rules-ProcessCommander then need to change to PEGA-PROCESSCOMMANDER:07-10-99.
7. Revalidate and Save each (Sections, harness,Flowactions and Properties,etc)
8. RAN upgrade utilities like ConvertFlowactions, UpgradeCSSpyActionAreaConversion and General utilities.
9. Still we can see the DynamicSelectand is not updated with Dropdown.
10. Still we can see fields have inline styles.
11. Portal still using Panel Sets  instead of Screen Layouts.
12. Conversion of SmartLayouts into Dynamic Layouts didn’t happen.
Created FW application in Pega 7 to build the solution for post upgrade fixes.

We can select the Apllication Name and version: 

We can select the ruletype which want to see the rules with errors/deprecated/warnings

Click on GetRules : it will fetch all the rules and show in a repeat grid below

We can see the more information about the rule and warning.

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