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Pega - Upgrading DynamicSelect to Dropdown

Upgrading DynamicSelect to Dropdown:
We can be able to upgrade deprecated control DynamicSelect to Dropdown:
We have few challenges.
Different sources for dynamic Select control:
·         Report Definition
·         List View
·         Clipboard Page.
·         Activity
·         Advanced.

As per the code provided by Pega to convert Depricated Dyanamic selet to Dropdown:
·         We can only able to convert if the source type is either Clipboard Page or Report Definition.
·         If the Source is Activity or Listview, we cannot convert DSS to drop down. Below is the Datatransform rule “RULE-OBJ-MODEL EMBED-DISPLAY-TABLE-CELL PXDYNAMICSELECTCONVERTE

Step-1: When
.pyHTMLParams.firstRadio!="useActivityDiv" && .pyHTMLParams.firstRadio!="useListviewDiv"  &&  .pyHTMLParams.firstRadio!="useAdvancedDiv"
So, we need to change the Data transform to accept all the sources and it will execute all the below conditions to change DSS to Dropdown.
After modifying the rule (When), We can be able to convert DSS to dropdown.
Default value for drop down property will set as “As defined by the property”.
Before Conversion:

After Conversion:

Now we need think about the source for the Dropdown property after conversion:
I.        If the source is Report Definition
After Conversion, we can still use the same RD as the source by adding some logic in data transform.
II.      If the source is Activity
·         We can still use the same activity but we need to comment out the Show-Page method in the activity before referencing (Sandeep will provide more details on this)
·         How can we do this?
III.    If the source is List View
·         After conversion, we must use RD as a source.
·         In this case, we should have a RD for this list view in place to use as a source for drop down.
IV.    If the source is Advanced
·         Where we can use Activity as defined in Custom code below.
·         "pyActivity=Rule-Obj-ListView.ShowViewAsXML&ViewClass=PegaMock-Data-Locations&ViewOwner=ALL&ViewPurpose=DataTableClassEditor&pyAction=Prepare&ViewHeader=0"
·         Need to comment out the Show-Page method and if we are using List-view in the source then need to convert it into RD.

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