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Ruleset stack in pega

What is ruleset stack in pega

Ruleset list or stack is assembled by pega when the user logs into the application and ruleset stack is used during the rule resolution process. Rule resolution will be looking into the ruleset stack in a specific order so the order is important. Top Ruleset takes the highest precedence.

How pega will assemble the Ruleset stack ?

As we know each application is having a stack that is called application ruleset stack. Application Stack contains application specific rulesets and Organizational specific rulesets, combined we can call them as application ruleset stack. 

Lets see the below Application "OneHelp" which is built on OHFW framework application and Rulesets for OneHelp implementation application are :
  1. OneHelp,OneHelpInt - application ruleset for application configuration.
  2. PH,PHInt - organizational ruleset contains reusable organizational assets, such as data structures.
Application validation mode

OHFW framework application ruleset stack is shown below:

Application validation mode framework

Lets take the above application OneHelp is built on OHFW framework application which is built on UIKit and UIKit is built on PegaRULES application. Once the user logs into OneHelp application we will see how pega assemble the Ruleset stack for the operator. First, PegaRULES ruleset stack is added and on top of PegaRULES list UIKit ruleset stack, on top of UIKit OHFW ruleset stack and on top of OHFW list OneHelp application ruleset list, finally it will add if any personal ruleset (if we area allowed for rule check out) with the name of the Operator.

ruleset stack

Below is the ruleset stack for the operator ohadmin when the operator logs into the application OneHelp.

ruleset stack for operator

Application Ruleset stack in pega

We can view the Ruleset stack for the current application at Configure->Application->Structure->Ruleset stack


  1. If my rule in
    which rule it will rule in priority wise

    1. First it will pick from OneHelp if the rule is not available in that then it will go to PH

    2. Please go through Rule resolution process for more details..

  2. Nice article on Ruleset stack.

    Here have a query in Application ruleset stack, after OneHelp and OneHelpInt directly Ph and PhInt are coming that are organization lever ruleset. Why does pega add organization level ruleset in application ruleset stack? Please explain.