Pega automatic draft off mode for processes in case types

 What is the Draft mode for processes in Pega?

Draft mode provides an option to test the case type before you advance with your application development, even if processes in your case life cycle contain configuration issues.
When you add a process to your case life cycle, by default the process is in draft mode.
When a process is in draft mode, you can check its run-time behavior by running the processor previewing it in a user portal, even if the process contains errors. However, to ensure that the process works correctly after you deploy your application in a production environment, you need to turn off draft mode before moving relevant rulesets to the production environment.

draft mode off pega

Automatic Draft mode off for processes in Pega 8.5

Case Designer now displays a message that lists errors in your case type. You can quickly check what the issues are and locate the processes that need fixing.
Pega has introduced a new feature in case type to turn off draft mode once we resolve all the listed issues.

To ensure that the status of draft mode changes when you save your case type, if any of your processes contain errors, Case Designer displays a list of issues that you need to fix before deployment. The list navigates you to the relevant processes and provides a short description of each issue.

draft mode errors

After you address the issues and save your case type, you can proceed with deploying your application without having to manually turn off draft mode in Dev Studio.

Saving a case type in App Studio and Dev Studio now automatically switches off draft mode for processes that contain no configuration issues so that you can seamlessly deploy your application on a production environment. 

Draft mode off pega-case type

Automatic turn draft mode off feature in Pega for every process that has no errors, save time as you avoid having to manually turn off draft mode in Dev Studio for every single process.

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