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Exception handling in Pega Connect-REST

 Error handling when using Pega Connect-REST involves catching response codes from the server and taking the appropriate action in the application.

By default, a GET or PUT request will return a 200 or 204 for success or a 404 for a note found. The other error codes, such as 401 and 500, should be handled in the application code.


Explain Connect-REST process in Pega

 Connect-REST is an advanced mechanism in Pega that provides developers with a way to interact with external REST services that return data in XML or JSON format. The process involves the following steps:

1. Creating a Connect-REST service: Using the Connect-REST rule wizard, developers can set up basic services that can be used to send and receive data from a REST web service. This includes specifying the HTTP verb, the request URI, the request parameters, the request headers and the response media type.