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Temporary cases in pega

What is Temporary case in Pega?

Temporary case is a case created in pega which doesn't have any ID and only be stored in clipboard not in Pega database.Once it reaches Persist Case shape it will be converted into Permanent case and have pyID, case will be stored in pega database.
Benefits of Temporary case?
  • Temporary case not stored in pega data base,it saves storage in pega data base.
  • We can improve system performance.

How to create a Temporary case in Pega?

when we open case type-Settings-General we can see an option in "Behavior" section, there is a check box "Create temporary case that is not saved until a 'Persist case' step is reached".
Select this check box to create your case as a "Temporary" case in pega. You can see below screen shot.
A "Assistance Request" case type is created and Settings tab we can see "Temporary case" option selected.
temporary case in case management

Created a case and advanced the case to next steps
temporary case creation in pega
When we see the clipboard there is no Case ID (pyID), pzInsKey and pyTemporaryObject  is true.

Temporary object in Pega

clipboard for temporary case

When shall we have case ID (pyID) and pzInsKey? (Persisting temporary case)
We can not continue with temporary case till it resolved, at some point of time in the case journey we need to convert this temporary case into permanent case because:
  • Temporary case will not be stored in data base.
  • We can not route temporary case to other users, single user can process the temporary case.
  • Temporary case doesn't have any case id.

Persist case in pega

In the appropriate point of the case life cycle we need to include "Persist case" shape'
When pega sees a "Persist case shape,it converts temporary case into permanent case in pega data base.
Persist case is in Automation category when you add a step.
persist case shape in pega

Let's create a case and see the clipboard. In the first stage (Submission stage) till Identify vehicle step we will have temporary case, after that Pega will see Persist case shape and creates pyID and save data to pega data base.
create temporary case in pega

From the above screen shot we can see that, case is created but no pyID. Once move and complete "Vehicle information" step, pega will see persist case shape and assign pyID and saves formation to database.
create temporary case in pega

See the clipboard structure below for pyID and other fields.

clipboard for temporary case in pega

We have value in pzInsKey and pyTemporaryObject is null.
we don't have any locking on temporary case because of no case ID. Once temp case is converted to permanent case, will have locking and everything as usual.

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