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Pega duplicate case search (Case management)

What is Duplicate case search in pega?

When newly created case data fully or partially matches with the existing case(s) data then we can mark it as a Duplicate case.  Based on some conditions we can say that the case data matches with the existing cases.
For example: We have this Assistance Request application, existing cases already have Make, Model, Model Year, and Color values. When we create new case for "Assistance Request" case type if the new case values Make,Model,Color and Model Year matches with any of the existing cases we can mark it as duplicate case and Resolve-Duplicate or Ignore and continue with new case. we have these two options.

Duplicate case search in pega

Pega provides an automated shape to achieve duplicate case search  that is "Search duplicate cases" shape. We can add it from Step-More-Automation-Search duplicate cases in case life cycle. We can add it from flow rule as well.

Pega duplicate case check

After selecting the shape, from right side panel properties we need to define matching criteria. It has two set of conditions. 
  1.     Basic condition
  2.    Weighted condition
When case enters this step pega uses Basic and weighted conditions defined on the shape to match with specific property values with cases already present in the system.

1. Basic condition
Pega first evaluates basic conditions when case enters "Search duplicate cases" step. Case must meet all basic conditions defined to qualify as a duplicate case.
When  we click on the blue link "Add basic condition" pega displays a pop-up to enter the conditions.

2. Weighted Conditions
Once all basic conditions are met, pega continues to evaluate the weighted conditions to receive a weight value. In "Weighted conditions sum at least" box enter threshold value. Sum of all weighted conditions should be greater than or equal to this value.Each condition has a weight (between 1 and 100). Click on add weighted condition and enter Weight value and condition.
We have added basic and weighted conditions for "Assistance Request" case type to search potentially duplicate cases. Let's create a case and see. In this scenario first pega evaluates basic condition, if satisfies it will evaluate Weighted conditions and  display duplicate cases once the threshold value is met.

System identified one duplicate case with the current case. Click on "why is this shown here?" link to see the conditions.
All basic conditions are met and see the weighted conditions if the value is at least 50 or not.

In the weighted conditions we have defined City,State and street. Both City and State values are matched with existing case(A-1 and A-2) values. Pega displays A-3 as a duplicate of A-1 and A-2 provides two buttons to choose.

  1. Close this case as a duplicate - Pega will display "Duplicate with" drop down and when click on submit pega "Resolve-Duplicate" the current case (A-3).
  2. Ignore and Continue - Pega ignore the duplicate case and continue to create new case (A-3).

Background process: pega is calling an activity @baseclass.pyDuplicateSearchCase to achieve this process.

Click to see pega case locking

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