What are Access Deny rules in Pega

 Access Deny rules in Pega are security rules used to define user access restrictions to system data. These rules determine which users can view, edit or delete data in the system. Access Deny rules are used to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and help ensure data privacy. They can also be used to control which users can access specific functions and features within the application.

Access deny rules in Pega help define the access restrictions for a specific user, operator ID, or role. These rules tell Pega which records, activities, and page references the user may not access. They are used to secure and protect data within an application. Access deny rules can be set up at different levels, such as system, application, and data-level security rules.

Access Deny rules in Pega are rules which are used to control user access to the systems. They define what a user is allowed and not allowed to see, or do on a system. Access Deny rules set up permissions for which users can edit and delete a record, what records a user has access to, and which activities each user is allowed to participate in. Rules can also be used to restrict when and which records users can view or modify. Access Deny rules control the visibility of layering information on the portal.

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