What is Case Management in Pega?

 Case Management in Pega is an approach to managing a process, such as a customer service request, order processing or claims processing, in a logical and automated way. The Pega Platform allows users to create applications that model complex processes, coordinate activities between and among people and systems, and keeps track of progress throughout the life cycle of a process. The case management approach focus on the process, not just a product or outcome. It is less about the number of tasks to complete, and more about understanding the individual needs and goals of the customer, ensuring that the correct activities are taken in the correct order, and meeting all the required goals.

Case Management in Pega is a process automation approach based on the BPM (Business Process Management) methodology. It is designed to manage complex business processes or workflows that involve multiple systems, applications, and stakeholders. Case management automates, centralizes, and expedites business processes by providing rule-based decision-making, workflow automation, and dynamic routing. It also helps organizations responding promptly and prudently to customer queries and requests. A Pega case management system can help to maintain an audit trail for each case and help to standardize processes for better organization. Pega's case management feature also offers visual analytics and insights, helping with process optimization and future planning.

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