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What is PegaRULES, PegaDATA and split schema?

What is PegaRULES, PegaDATA and split schema ?
As we know pega has introduced concept of split schema, that is RULES schema and Data schema. What will be stored in those schema?

When we create any application the ultimate built on application would be PegaRULES application.
Pega will store Rules and system information about Pega application in PegaRULES DB.
We can see some of the database tables mapped to PegaRULES database.

For example: All our sections are instances of Rule-HTML-Section and Rule-HTML-Section is pointed to pr4_rule_section database table in PegaRULES database, means all exciting sections and created section rules will be stored in this table.
Properties (Rule-Obj-Property)created or already in the system will be in pr4_rule_proeprty database table in PegaRULES database.

All the information related to cases,assignments and case history will be stored in PegaDATA database.

For example: 
We know assignments are the instances of a concrete class derived from Assign- base class.
Assign-Worklist is mapped to pc_assign_worklist stores all the assignments in the work list.
Assign-Workbasket is mapped to pc_assign_workbasket stores all the assignments in the workbaskets.
Assign- is also mapped to pc_assign_worklist and stores external assignments and all other types of assignment but pxObjClass for these assignments is Assign-External

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